Services & Fees - as of January 2017

Services & Fees

  Clinic Director Clinical Psychologist Psychologist Hours
Problem Solving Consultation/Therapy Session $280 $250 $220 1
Full diagnostic assessment (for child or adolescent)* $1,820 $1,625 $1,430 6.5
Full diagnostic assessment (for adults)* $840 $750 $660 3
Intellectual Ability (IQ) Assessment $1,120 $1,000 $880 4
Intellectual Disability Assessment $1,400 $1,250 $1,100 5
Learning Disability Assessment $1,680 $1,500 $1,320 6
School/kindergarten visit $280 + travel $250 + travel $220 + travel 1
Summary report of strategies and recommendations (if required) $280 $250 $220 1
Report (without cognitive testing) $280 $250 $220 1
Report (with cognitive testing) $560 $500 $440 2

Please note: The difference in fees between a Clinical Psychologist and Psychologist does not indicate a difference in the quality of the service you will be receiving. Rather, this fee difference is set up to minimise the gap paid for individuals when using Medicare, who  provides different benefits for both types of psychologists. 

* During diagnostic assessment for some individuals an additional hour of information gathering may be necessary. Sometimes a school or kindergarten observation may be necessary. Your clinician will advise you whether this is the case by the end of the session.

Third Party providers: Please note that all services provided for a third party attract GST (if not therapy-based).


Presentations can be tailored to suit parents or professionals.
Examples of topics are: Autism Spectrum Disorders, After the Diagnosis, School Strategies, Girls & Women with Asperger’s Syndrome, and others.

Please contact Danuta to discuss your requirements.

Cancellation Policy

This is important to know because it will keep your costs down. Please contact Unique U Psychology if you are unable to attend your appointment. This will enable Reception to offer your appointment to someone else. Clients who fail to turn up to their appointment or cancel within 24 business hours of their appointment will be charged the full appointment fee. Clients who cancel between 24-48 business hours will be charged 50% of the fee.


Medicare rebates through the Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) or Better Access initiative*

Rebates are available for all ages.

Obtain this plan from your GP or paediatrician (or a letter of referral from a psychiatrist or paediatrician will suffice).

A MHCP allows you to claim a partial rebate on the first 6 sessions. Please bring your MHCP referral with you to get a rebate. If after your 6 sessions you require another 4 sessions, your doctor will need to extend your referral and you will need to go back to the doctor to review this. After your 6th session Unique U Psychology will write a letter to your referring doctor and outline the progress of therapy; if another 4 sessions are needed the letter will request this.  You can claim a partial rebate on up to 10 visits in a calendar year.

PLEASE NOTE: A Medicare rebate for a further 4 sessions is only possible with agreement from your referring doctor.

If using a MHCP the rebate is $124.50 for a Clinical Psychologist and $84.50 for a Psychologist.

A MHCP for group therapy is also possible.  6 group therapy sessions are allowed each year in addition to the 10 individual sessions.

Medicare Safety Net: Once you have spent a certain amount on medical expenses you have reached the Medicare Safety Net and Medicare will pay for 80% of your out of pocket expenses.

Contact Medicare Help Line for more information (telephone number: 132 150).

Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) Medicare funding (Helping Children with Autism package)

This can be accessed for children under 13 years of age with a diagnosis of ASD (to be used by the time child turns 15) through a paediatrician or child psychiatrist.

The paediatrician will write up a treatment plan and will recommend how this plan is used.

You can claim a rebate for up to 20 sessions of therapy (20 total sessions can be shared between psychology, occupational therapy, and speech therapy).

An additional 4 sessions can be used towards diagnostic assessment. If a paediatrician/child psychiatrist suspects ASD they will refer the child to a psychologist, speech therapist and/or occupational therapist for further testing. After the therapists assess the child they will send their reports and clinical opinions back to the paediatrician, who will then advise of the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

Contact Medicare Help Line for more information (telephone number: 132 150).

Private Health Funds

Please contact your private health insurance provider to obtain details about rebates.